Reform and Development of Engineering Education in New Technology Age

Reform and Development of Engineering Education in New Technology Ageis the main theme of 2019 CDIO Asian Regional Meeting that took place at Dalian City, Liaoning province , China in March 25 – 27, 2019. Located in the strategic development of the training program according to CDIO Standards (Conceive, Designn, Implement and Operate), Dr. Tran Duc Thuan-Vice Rector and Dr. Vu Thinh Truong – Dean of Faculty of Economics – Administration and in charge of International Relations Department representing Dong Nai Technology University to attend the conference.

Currently, the application of Cloud Computing, IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence,…. have been continuously developing and widening in the  world. Thay have strong impact and gradually reform the global economic model. The development of these applications has opened up a new technology era for humankind- industrial revolution 4.0. The industrial revolution has brought to humankind the breakthroughs in technology, made a flat world and under that is the new business model, which has started to appear. The breakthrough in technology in digital era on a global scale has streamlly influenced on all areas of social life and alters the future of higher education sector.

aDr. Tran Duc Thuan-Vice Rector (on the right) and Dr. Vu Thinh Truong – Head of International Relation Department at the workshop

2019 CDIO Asian Regional Meeting gathered delegates from 30 countries in the world in order to share experience with application, reformed model of University basing on CDIO standards in terms of engineering, technology in the context of the second industrial revolution. In addition, the participants also focused discussion, proposed initiatives in design of teaching program (Curriculum design), development relations among Businesses and University (University-Industry Cooperation), and assess outcome standards (Learning outcomes evaluation) in the field of Engineering Education.

b Taking pictures with other delegates

Dong Nai Technology University has built and updated roadmap and also adjusted trainning curriculum towards CDIO standards from 2021 and is going to implement in May, 2019. Consequently, the experience about training programs according to CDIO standards and applied models from members attending the conference is very useful for Dong Nai Technology University so that it can apply and develop curriculum to meet the needs of enterprises and learners.

Dr. Vu Thinh Truong (from the city of Dalian, Liaoning, China).




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