Workshop “IBM: Let’s Build a Smarter Planet”

IBM is a multinational corporation of computing technology based in New York, USA. IBM was founded in 1911. It is a corporation that always strives for innovation, creativity. The corporation develops and manufactures the most advanced solutions of information technology, including computer systems, software, networking, storage devices and microelectronic devices.

To desire to encourage students to learn and use technology, software based on IBM in the study and research process. The Faculty of Information Technology, in collaboration with IBM’s technology experts, organized a workshop on “Let’s Build a Smarter Planet” to bring an opportunity for students of Dong Nai Technology University to learn more about the New technology of IBM.


On the side of the university, a large number of lecturers and IT students and Representative, on behalf of IBM, Mr. Nguyen Khiem – in charge of IBM Vietnam initiative Education, attended the workshop.

Representative, Mr. Nguyen Khiem of IMB, showed that: At present, new technology trends and the boom of the knowledge economy have had a great impact on the labor market around the world. IBM is a leader in developing IT solutions for businesses and individuals around the world. With the slogan “Let’s build a smarter planet,” IBM wants to provide people intelligent products, solutions, which is close to life and career opportunities, etc.


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