Workshop on Management Solutions of Enterprise Resources

In the morning of January 13th 2014, Microsoft’s ERP team co-ordinated with Dong Nai Technology University (DNTU) to organize ERP Workshop for students of IT, Accounting and Business Management faculties. The purpose is to help students learn and to teach ERP at DNTU. Microsoft Dynamics includes the ERP system and CRM solutions: Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This is an opportunity for students of DNTU to learn and understand the ERP training program. It also adds practical knowledge about EPR to faculty and students of the university.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an information technology solution that integrates entire business management applications into a single. It can automate the management process. All activities of the company, from human resource management, production line management and materials supply, internal finance management to sales, product marketing, and exchange with partners, with customers are made on a single system. There are many large enterprises deploying and using the entire ERP solution for production management business in two areas: manufacturing and trading services. It has been tested and highly appreciated to help businesses increase their competitiveness and efficiency in the areas of development and investment. The successful implementation of ERP will save costs, increase competitiveness, bring benefits to business in the long run.


Resource management solutions help businesses evaluate the service or areas with a large number of customers, assess the service preferred by customers as well as potential customers. In addition, ERP offers many other benefits with built-in features such as: developing the ability to purchase and order as well as register for online services; coordinating the entire price for the project; monitoring, managing and using of assets; identifying the rights and responsibilities of each participant in the system.

The main problem of most enterprise management software (CRM and ERP) is that nobody uses these software. Research by AMR Research or Forrester has shown that a few ERP end-user licenses have not been used due to the difficult interface in using and the investment amount for a bad interface can increase the total cost. This is exactly the problem that Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ERP solutions can help uninstall. Microsoft Dynamics offers a familiar interface of Microsoft Office that is compatible and works like this software in a variety of ways. In short, everyone can understand and use Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ERP, which means that significant investments really work, not just investments and put there.

Outstanding benefits:

– Promote use to enhance performance.

– Streamline business operation processes for better efficiency.

– Raise the level of certainty in making casting decisions at.

– Create more orders.

The students participating in the workshop was quite excited about the field of ERP. At the end of the discussion, 10 presents were given to 10 students who had questions in the workshop.


This is the first time the Microsoft ERP team held an ERP consulting workshop at DNTU. In the coming time, DNTU and Microsoft ERP team will organize many ERP seminars to faculties at the university so that staffs, lecturers and students have more practical knowledge and experience to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

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