Letter of the Rector Phan Ngoc Son to new students

Welcome new students, a new school year is coming!

DNTU is the beginning of the “source of knowledge”.

Thank you for choosing DNTU for your beliefs and ambition. Choosing DNTU means you believe that we give you a source of knowledge. It is the belief in the university providing the products with the best qualities that meet the need of modern society: “Heart – Knowledge – Creativity – Ability”.

Every field of studying you have chosen, you have chosen a path of life for yourself. On that path, you should have “A passionate Heart,” “A power of enlightenment in the field of Knowledge,” “Creativity in the workplace” and “Ability to adapt to the environment work “.

You can not possess these qualities in one or two days. You have put on DNTU shirt, which means you are ready to accompany with us on the boat of knowledge. You are the candle for us to be honored to light, to light the candle of the source of knowledge. In order to keep the candles burning, we will not stop teaching and you will not stop learning. That is what the teachers of DNTU desire.

Each member of the DNTU from students to trainers, or workers is a green lung that gives DNTU a new breath and vitality, working hard every day.

Let your passionate smiles always bloom on your lips. A smile brings faith and hope. Believe to get knowledge in a “dynamic, creative, fair” environment. Hope to get a bright future. Never stop your belief, never stop your hope.

To do that, first of all, you should have confidence in yourself; believe in your lucid choice in your life. Believe in the path of knowledge that you have and are accompanying with DNTU.

And you: “Learn more, do more! Learn to know, to understand, to do!”

We, all your teachers, cannot learn for you, but we will inspire the source of knowledge, arouse the fire of passion in you.

We do not promise a bright future for you, because your future, bright or not, is based on your own attitudes today. But one thing we can affirm is that we are the guides with the knowledge that lead you to the future.

Your strength is the passion and desire to conquer of the twenties with nonstop flowing. And you are the captain who controls the boat of life on the flow of knowledge that reaches the future.

I believe you can do anything you desire!

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