Dong Nai Technology University: New Appearance – New Position

Dong Nai Technology University (DNTU) was established on October 5th, 2005. It is nearly 10 years of development. 10 years for a university is not long but the University, with its self-effort and breakthrough strategy, has created a certain appearance and position in the system of higher education of Vietnam.

High qualified human resources

With the motto “People are the center of development”, the most competitive advantage of the university, DNTU has gradually built up a large team of teachers in both quantity and quality. There are many doctors and masters working in DNTU. They have graduated from developed countries, such as USA, Russia, France, Germany, Canada, Korea and Belgium. Moreover, with 100% of faculty have postgraduate qualifications, 40% of those  are doctoral and graduate students are the elite resources who accompanies with our students in the development journey.

With the training method associated with social needs, lecturers of DNTU not only focus on lively theoretical lectures, but also consider the practice workshop as home, library as classroom. The university focuses on intensive training; from the first year, students have a chance to visit the top enterprises. In the second year, students have practiced their specialties, and in the third year they are skilled, confident enough to conquer the employer.

Synchronous facilities

Not only focus on investment for human, the university also pay special attention to the construction of modern facilities. The university has an area of ​​land under the assigned plan of 15 hectares. Construction area of ​​the university is currently 50,864.28 m2, including lecture halls, practice areas, laboratories, libraries, dormitory, gymnasium area, administrative and other supporting works such as the canteen, parking lot. The workshop area for experiments for specialties such as food technology, nursing, information technology, construction, food chemistry have area of ​​10,155.28 m2. Outdoor sports center is ​​7.500 m2 in area service for 06 standard sports. Dormitory accommodates has a capacity over 1,000 students. The library includes 80,000 reference books, covering a wide range of languages, serving the needs of from intermediate to post-graduate students.

Effective enterprise relations

The university considers the number of graduates having job as its competitive advantage. Therefore, from the early days of establishment, the university has built the Enterprise Relations Department. Through nearly 10 years of development, this functional unit is really a powerful arm, the focus in the development strategy of the university, the bridge between students and businesses.

Every month, the university organizes the program “A businessman per month” which is the place for our students to meet leading businessmen. Annually, with enterprises, DNTU organizes scholarship programs for students with 500 millions VND; mobilizes to sponsor cultural programs, arts, fitness, sports, charity, elegant students with hundreds of million VND; establishes and manages effectively the job exchange of the university. 100% of our students are introduced part-time jobs; 100% of students are introduced internships.

The university has relationships, cooperations with more than 500 leading companies in and outside the country. Therefore, graduates will quickly find jobs with the rate of 75% having jobs in the right trades. In particular, 100% of our students in Food Technology, Automotive Technology, Electrical Technology, Electronics have jobs within 6 months after graduation. The number over 10,000 students is the clear evidence of the trust of the society in the university. We undertake to create a flames passion for learning, working when a person comes to Dong Nai Technology University.



University: Medical Examination; Food Technology (Food Processing Technology, Food Biotechnology); Environmental Technology (Environmental Technology Engineering, Environmental Technology Management); Chemical Engineering Technology (Petrochemical Technology, Inorganic Chemistry Technology, Organic Chemistry Technology – Polymer); Electrical Engineering – Electronics (Electrical Engineering Technology, Electronic Engineering Technology); Automotive Engineering technology; Construction Technology; Information Technology; Accounting and Auditing; Finance – Banking; Management (Business Administration, Hospitality Management, Tourism and Travel Management), English Language.

College: Medical Examination; Food Technology; Environmental Technology; Chemical Engineering Technology; Electrical Engineering Technology; Electronic Engineering Technology; Cold Thermal technology; Automotive Engineering Technology; Mechatronics Engineering Technology; Construction Technology; Information Technology; Office Administration; Accounting and Auditing; Finance – Banking; Hospitality Management; Travel and Tourism Management; Business Administration; Tour Guide; English.

Vocational college: Food Processing; Information Technology; Industrial electricity; Corporate Accounting.


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