Functions and missions of International Cooperation Office


International Cooperation gives advice and assistant to the Board of Directors, the Management

International Cooperation Office in accordance with the foreign policy of the Party and State laws and management external activities regulations of Dong Nai Technology University.


  • Organizing the negotiation and signing of cooperation agreements with international institutions. Preparing content, programs, documents and other conditions to the Management Board who works with foreign partners.
  • Responsible for collaboration with universities and international organizations in the exchange of academic research, faculty and students.
  • Searching scholarships from foreign universities and institutions for faculty, staff and students of the Dong Nai University of Technology
  • Developing , implementing programs to advise students and organize seminars and conferences on academic scientific research with foreign institutions.
  • Completing necessary procedures to sign cooperation agreements with domestic and foreign organizations.
  • Reporting the international cooperation activities under the mission.
  • Developing strategies of the annual, medium-term and long-term international cooperation.
  • Advising and supporting information about relationships, international cooperation for the training units.
  • Consulting the system of higher education which is linked with foreign universities.
  • Coordinating with Organization – Administration to check and manage delegations in accordance with the regulations; invites and entry visas for professionals and international visitors.
  • Welcoming the international delegations to work with Dong Nai Technology University.

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